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Northern Indiana Open Results

John E Herr | Published on 6/29/2023

The Northern Indiana Open took place June 24, 2023 in Elkhart, IN at the Hotel Elkhart, the site of FM Lester VanMeter's first chess tournament 56 years ago. 52 total players were present, with 14 in the Open and a whopping 38 in the Reserve. Evan Koehl and Aidan Kaczanowski drew their fourth-round game to finish tied for first place in the Open with 3.5/4. In the Reserve section, Dylan Whitlow finished in clear 1st with 4/4. 

Prize Winners Open
1st/2nd: Evan Koehl, Aidan Kaczanowski
2100-1901: Mohamed Elshazly
1900-1701: Nikhil Murugan

Prize Winners Reserve
1st: Dylan Whitlow
2nd: Harrison Schilling
1500-1301: John Elmore, David Douglas
1300-1101: Bernardo Ferreira, Yewei Chen
1100-below: Matthew Herrmann, Drake Davis
Unrated: Calvin Josenhans

The top board each round was broadcast live over the internet using a DGT board. These broadcasts, as well as final results, are linked below:

Standings / Pairings
Live Broadcast

20230624 184100
20230624 18404020230624 18405320230624 18410720230624 18411020230624 18412920230624 18480920230624 18481520230624 18482020230624 18482520230624 184830