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Upcoming Tournaments

Nov.20-22, Nov.21-22.        HOTEL HAS NEW PHONE # 317-4268441

79th Indiana State Chess Championship.( OPEN TO ALL US CHESS FEDERATION MEMBERS) Masks are MANDATORY and there will be 1 Bd. per table; No eating at Bd. Drinking permitted. 

Waterfront Hotel and Conference Ctr, 2930 Waterfront Pkwy W. Dr., Indianapolis, IN.,46214, 317-426-8441. HR: $79, Prize Fund: $2050 (b/60) in two sections. OPEN (Over 1699): 5/SS, G/100 +30s. (2Day Opt Rd.1 G/40; d5). Prizes: $300+plaque (IN. Residents only), $230, X $200, A $200, Senior, Female $50 ea. Reserve (U1800): 5/SS, G/80 +30s (2Day Opt Rd.1 G/40; d5) $295+plaque (IN. Residents only), $220, C $195, D/U $195 Senior, Female $50 ea. Rnds: Fri 7, Sat 11, 4, Sun. 10, 4; (2-day Rd1 Sat 9 then MERGE). REG: 3 day Fri.6-6:45, 2 day Sat.8-8:45, 1/2-pt bye available Rd.1-4. EF: $70 by 11/17, $85 onsite, Reentry $30.$5 discount to ISCA membersENTRIES: Go to or mail to Craig Hines, 613 North Park Dr., Evansville, IN 47710, 812-423-2996,(cell day of tnmnt only) 812-618-8700,with checks payable to ISCA. ISCA MEMBERSHIP MTG: 11/22 at 2:30pm.

Dec. 12, 2020
Indy Super Tornado: click link below for details.