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Summary of Tournaments 1-9 was printed in Chess in Indiana, May 1991, p. 5.


1st   Nov. 9-10, 1974, IU Memorial Union, Bloomington.  PURDUE UNIVERSITY (Charles Alden, Dave Deming, Ed Bisker, Spiro Bereveskos) 4-1;  tiebreak over Indianapolis Chess Club & Louisville.  Bereveskos beat Indy’s Don Urquhart on time forfeit in climactic last game.  14 teams;  Roger Blaine, organizer & TD.


(Tournament not held 1975-76)


2nd   Nov. 12-13, 1977, IMU, Bloomington.  CAPTAIN AND THE KINGS (Indianapolis:  Charles Maddigan, John Petrison, Mike Wiseman, Tim Hernly, Gary Deuser)  5-0.  Maddigan, Indiana’s only Master at the time, joined the Indy team and led them to victory.  16 teams;  Lester VanMeter, organizer;  Roger Blaine, TD.


3rd   Nov. 4-5, 1978, IMU, Bloomington.  MR. CHESS’ PAWN CRUNCHERS (Bloomington: Charles Maddigan, Mike Wierzbicki, Dan Maxwell, Karel Eringa, Tim Hernly, Mark Hazlewood) 4½-½ .  Maddigan & local stars make good use of alternates.  15 teams;  Roger Blaine, organizer & TD.


4th   Nov. 10-11, 1979, IMU, Bloomington.  THE ALL-STATERS (Charles Maddigan, Tenn.; Ed Thomas, Mich.;  Dennis Gogel, Ind.;  Ray Downing, Ill.)  5-0.  Maddigan, a frequent visitor to Bloomington, formed a team Saturday morning with three other “walk-ins” and won it all.  15 teams;  Roger Blaine, organizer & TD.


5th   Nov. 22-23, 1980,  YWCA, Goshen.  INDIANAPOLIS PAWN CRUNCHERS  (Charles Maddigan, John Petrison, Keith Swedo, Ben Harris, Gary Deuser)  5-0.  Four in a row for Maddigan!  15 teams;  Lester VanMeter, organizer & TD.


6th   Nov. 21-22, 1981,  Atkinson Hotel, Indianapolis.  “GOD”  (Howe High School, Indianapolis:  Daryl Lakes, Ben Harris, Bob Price, Morgan Hause)  4-1;  tiebreak over “Only Derda Knows,” South Bend.  High school team gets hot and goes the distance.  16 teams;  Gary Deuser, organizer & TD.


(Tournament not held 1982)


7th   Dec. 10-11, 1983,  Charity Dye School 27, Indianapolis.  BIG BAD COMMIE CRUSHERS, Indianapolis  (Mike Wiseman, Bob Price, Daryl Lakes, Paul Neal)  4-1;  tiebreak over Four Knights, Ft. Wayne.  Record attendance at the school which won national honors as the “Masters of Disaster.”  21 teams;  Bob Cotter, organizer & TD.


8th   Dec. 8-9, 1984,  Thomas Edison School 47, Indianapolis.  HEART OF THE SUNRISE  (Muncie, Indianapolis & Michigan:  Jim Mills, Daryl Lakes, Alexander Passov, Jim Kulbacki, Ben Harris)  4-1;  tiebreak over Never Stale Mates, Ft. Wayne.  Two previous champs with some strong pick-up players win it.  8 teams;  Bob Cotter, organizer & TD.


(Tournament not held 1985-90.  A plan for Dec. 1-2, 1990, was cancelled.)


9th   Feb. 23, 1991,  Cass County Memorial Center, Logansport.  KOKOMO  (Tim McEntee, Joshua Bousum, John Roush, Phil Meyers)  4-0, win the 10-team open section in an exciting, upset-filled day.  THE UNSURPASSED PAWNS  (South Bend/Elkhart:  Peter Kuhr, Tom Smith, Ben Dillon, Jim Hoover)  4-0 in 7-team Reserve.  17 teams;  Gary Fox, organizer;  Roger Blaine, TD.


10th   Feb. 22, 1992,  Purdue University, W. Lafayette.  PURDUE “A” (Peter Bereolos, Eugene Zelensky, Noble Murphy, Dmitri Weiss)  4-0.  Reserve:  PURDUE “D” (Ben Smith, Robert Amour, David Konnert, Fred Waller) 3-1, tiebreak over Purdue “C” and NW Indianapolis.  20 teams;  Brad Watson, organizer & TD.


11th   Apr. 3, 1993.   Michiana Chess Studio, South Bend.  JOHN’S BACK AND WE’RE BAD, Kokomo (Tim McEntee, Josh Bousum, John Roush, Phil Meyers)  4-0.   Reserve: MICHIGAN CITY ‘’B” (Cary Krachinski, Jeff Studtman, Matt Morgan, Gary Martin).  11 teams;  Roger Blaine, organizer & TD.


12th  July 30, 1994.  East Side Christian Church, Evansville.  SLEEPLESS IN TERRE HAUTE (Jeff Querner, Larry Boswell, Christopher Johnson, Tom Cassidy).  6 teams;  Terry Winchester, organizer & TD.


13th  Sept. 9, 1995.  Holiday Inn, Warsaw.  FORT WAYNE (Nick Adams, Mike Fetcho, Dennis Geisleman, Adnan Mohammad) 4-0.  Reserve:  THE FOUR FISH, South Bend (Dan Watson, Terry Harris, Mike Vidulich, Ed Camp).  12 teams;  Roger Blaine, organizer & TD.


14th  Dec. 14, 1996.  Comfort Inn, Bloomington.  KOKOMO (Tim McEntee, Josh Bousum, John Roush, Phil Meyers) 3½-½.  8 teams;  Mike Turner, organizer,  Roger Blaine, TD.


(Tournament not held 1997)


15th  Dec. 19, 1998.  Days Inn Airport, Indianapolis.   “Nd5” Indianapolis (Jason Doss, Greg Kennedy, Tom Harris, Jay Carr, Bill Corbin).   Reserve:  NO LIMIT PAWNS, Michigan City (Kevin Labaj, Evan Pabis, Jesse Bloomer, Brandon Heuer).  Mike Turner, organizer & TD.


16th   Dec. 18, 1999.  Rose-Hulman Institute, Terre Haute.  “Nd5” Indianapolis (Mike Herron, Glenn Snow, Aaron Dean, Tom Harris, Jay Carr)  Harris and Carr were the only holdovers from the winning team of the same name last year.   Reserve:  MCC HAMMERS, Midwest Chess Center, Indianapolis (Tom Black, Pat Baker, Patrick Mihelich, Randy Julian).   Steve Steppe, organizer & TD.


(Tournament not held 2000)


17th   July 7, 2001.  Days Inn Airport, Evansville.  “Nd4” Indianapolis (Mike Herron, Glenn Snow, Jay Carr, Tom Harris).  9 teams;  Terry Winchester, organizer, Craig Hines, TD.


18th   Dec. 7, 2002.  University of Southern Indiana, Evansville.  “Nd4” Indianapolis (Mike Herron, Glenn Snow, Tom Harris, Jay Carr).  Reserve, The 4-horsemen (Randy Brockman, Anirudh Subramanian, Jeremy Craft, Dedric Spinks, Evansville. 6 teams; Terry Winchester, organizer & TD.


(Tournament not held 2003)


19th   Dec. 12, 2004.  Ramada Inn, Lebanon.   “Nxd4#” (John Cole, Jason Doss, J. Stephen Cates, David Frey) 4-0.  14 teams;  David Frey, organizer & TD. 


(Tournament not held 2005-07)


20th   May 3, 2008.  Jameson Inn, South Bend.   MONOTONOUS MONOPOLISTS, South Bend (Dennis Monokroussos, Les Kistler, Kevin Fyr, Mat Leach)  4-0.  Reserve:  THE FOUR FIANCHETTOES, South Bend (Bill Kuhn, Antowine Jordan, Brian Wood, Mauricio Gonzalez)   7 teams;  Roger Blaine, organizer & TD.

* 21st  Sept 12, 2009. INGLORIOUS MASTERS, Evansville (Sean Vibbert, James Pollit, Anthony Golike, Marquis Quinn) 3.5. Reserve: b4 I GO CRAZY, Evansville (Jacob Weaver, Harshad Parmar, Daniel Vibbert, Christopher Weaver, Terry Vibbert) 6 teams; Steve Steppe, organizer and TD.


(Tournament not held 2010-14)

22nd  Nov. 3, 2015. Wabash Valley Activity Center, Terre Haute. OPEN: Nd4 (Mike Herron, Nathaniel Criss, Jay Carr, Glenn Snow)
* Version updated 5/3/15 per Roger Blaine



 * Corrections were made, adding tournament #21, per Steve Steppe.  5/4/15