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The Indiana State Chess Association


History of Indiana Chess and ISCA


Thanks to the submissions of our members and the amazing compilation efforts of Bob Banta, we have been able to archive much of the printed history of Indiana Chess. Here is the repository of previous Chess in Indiana Magazines.

Here are three magazines from 1970

Past Directors and Officers
The Indiana State Chess Association (ISCA) is the recognized United States Chess Federation (USCF) affiliate for the State of Indiana. ISCA was incorporated with the State of Indiana in 1994 as a Non-Profit Domestic Corporation.

The organization is maintained by a Board of Directors which meets once per year, in Regular Session, during the State Championship tournament. At this meeting, officers are elected to the Board, to serve a term, currently of one year.

The affiliate is a membership organization, and is open to chess players of all ages.

ISCA was founded in 1942 by Glen Donley, of Logansport, Fred Flauding, of Portland, and Dale Rhead, of Gary. 
Currently, ISCA holds several annual Championship Title events. The Indiana State Championship, and Indiana Class Championships are two such events.
There was a state championship held in 1892 by the "Indiana Chess Association" and in that year, the Logansport newspaper referred to it as the "5th annual" but no records have been found for earlier events.

The only Indiana chess activity we have a record of between 1892 and 1942 was the Western Open, a predecessor of the US Open, held in South Bend in 1928.