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Team Championship Recap

John E Herr | Published on 10/24/2022
The 24th Indiana Team Championship took place October 22, 2022 in Pittsboro, IN. Prize winners are as follows:

1st: "Your Team, My Team, Whose Team?" (Nick Adams, James Mills, Lester VanMeter, Joshua Bousum)
2nd: "Purdue University" (Sean McCarter, Advait Budaraju, Suyash Johari, Gerard Siciliano)
Class B: "Cincinnati Checkmates" (Abhinav Pullabhotla, Ashwin Iranian Prabhu Kumar, Pranav Pendurti, Srihari Kandadai)
Class C & Under: "Dark Horse and the Kingslayers" (Kevin Huang, Tom Wilk, Ryan Pilat, Joel Young)

The event had 12 teams overall, including out-of-state teams from Ohio and Kentucky. 

Final Team Standings

Final Individual Standings