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Bentrup Wins Northern Indiana Open

John Herr | Published on 6/22/2022
The Northern Indiana Open took place on June 18, 2022 in Kokomo, contested by 16 players in the open and 17 in the reserve. 

Ben Bentrup took clear first, with 3.5/4. Jason Whitten had a great showing and was 3-0 going into the last round, until Mr. Bentrup bested him. Rohan Padhye shared 2nd and 3rd places with Whitten. Class A prizes went to David Li and Nikhil Murugan.

Michael Pu won the reserve section by going 3-0, along with taking a half-point bye in Round 3. Relative newcomer Benjamin Lucas was 3-0 heading into the last round, but ultimately lost to Pu. Thus, 2nd and 3rd place honors went to Lucas, Matthew Harris, John Hawkins, and John Bentrup. These latter three were also honored as Class C victors, and John Bentrup was indeed the Class D victor! A number of players were recognized for Class D 2nd place: Ethan Yuan, Michael Chapuran, Aidan Li, Alexander Clifton, and Nathan Keel. Having been only provisionally rated with three games, Benjamin Lucas might also be said to be the unrated champion, but that honor otherwise goes to Hunter Lumsdon.