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Four 4-0 Champions at Indy $3500

B C Chess Club | Published on 5/15/2022
The Indy $35OO was a blast! ♟🏁 We had 89 players ranked from first timer all the way up to grandmaster level.

The event was won by GM Alex Fishbein with a perfect 4-0 score- Wow! Thanks so much for coming 😀
Geoff Thompson won the reserve with a perfect 4–0 score and is now over 1700… Way to go 👏🏻

Youngster Bochen Jiang, from Tennessee was another 4-0, clenching the Novice section- awesome job 😎
Last but not least, Super Dad Gabe Hawkins also cleaned house in the Amateur section with a 4-0 score 💪

I tried to take as many pics as possible: Photos. Thanks to everyone that could make it out yesterday. Should we do another event soon?! #chess

All results here: Crosstable