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Josh Smith wins Inaugural Indiana Online Open

Editorial Staff | Published on 6/5/2024
Josh Smith won the inaugural Indiana Online Open on June 1, 2024 with a perfect score of 4/4. Tied for 2nd place with 3/4 were Daro Mott, Roman Ivanovitch, Jessica Lauser, Calvin Josenhans, Miruthunjayan Devakumar, Luke Schepel, Vladislav Shekhovtsov, and Siddhant Sinha.

The event was held on, directed by John Herr, Bethany Herr, and Nikhil Murugan, and facilitated by representative Judit Sztaray. 32 players from eight states participated. Sixteen place prizes were paid out to those who finished in the top half. The event had a time control of G/15+10, and so was rated in the USCF OQ (online quick) category.

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